Home Equity Loans

We offer a fixed rate Home Equity Loan and a variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). This variable rate is based on the Wall Street Prime rate.

There's money in your home... what will you do with it?

Home Improvement - Remodel. Repair. Expand.

Education - Cover the expense of college tuition at favorable rates.

Vacation - Access the funds for your "bucket list" trip without emptying your savings.

Consolidation - Pay off personal debt like loans or credit cards, and enjoy one monthly payment.

Investment - Earn a higher return by investing equity in the stock market or other real estate properties.

You - Buy that dream car. Liven up landscaping. Create memories in your new boat.

Find out if you qualify for a home equity loan. Same day qualification.

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Once approved, your HELOC means access to cash quickly, and quite often, at the best rate. Feel empowered knowing you have the money in reach. Just call 785-228-0149 to get more HELOC checks or to transfer the money straight to your checking account.

Calculate Your Home's Equity

Find your home's value on your county appraiser's website.

Shawnee County
Douglas County
Reno County

Subtract mortgage balance from your most recent statement.
This is the amount of equity in your home. Lenders typically loan a percentage of this amount.