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Taking Care of (Your) Business: Business Growth Series

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The Kansas Ballet Story 

The story of Kansas Ballet is a love story.  A local girl following her dream to become a professional ballerina meets a boy from a faraway land who shares that same dream. They marry, return home and inspire others to love dance, and live happily ever after. In this simplistic fairytale, the road to a happy ending is effortless.  In reality, the work required to make their dreams come true has been staggering.

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The Technical Applications & Consulting Story

Orthophotography. Hyperspectral imaging. Oblique imagery. Light detection and ranging. All conducted by manned and unmanned aerial remote sensing. Sounds like something you would find in a Mission Impossible movie or a top-secret military facility. However, Technical Applications & Consulting puts that technology to work every day, right here in Topeka.

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The Stearns Super Center Story 

It can be difficult for a small, specialty-flooring store to survive in a world where big box stores and online shopping have taken over the market.  However, Stearns Super Center in Topeka is thriving because it offers something those others can’t:
unparalleled customer service.

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The Laser Auto Wash Story

Being a business owner often comes with unforeseen challengesand not-so-obvious rewards. Financial risk, volatile economicconditions and evolving technology can make even the moststraightforward business endeavor more complicated than expected. Greg and Francie Fagan have discovered first hand how a business that from an outside perspective seems quite basic—a car wash—can actually be quite complex.

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The Kona Ice Story

If you attend any major festival in Topeka or Lawrence, you will likely see the iconic blue truck with the bright tropical pictures all over it. You will also probably hear happy exclamations from kids and adults alike, "Yay! Kona Ice is here!" Not only do Matt Douglas and his brother-in-law Jay Weber work festivals, but they can also be found at school functions, corporate events, sports tournaments and more. 

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The Sunflower Strength & Conditioning Story

Growing up in Ellsworth, Kansas, and attending school together from kindergarten through high school, childhood friends Roger Laubengayer and Becky Svaty never anticipated one day finding themselves as partners in business or in life.

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The Atma Clinic Story

Lawrence native Dr. Neela Sandal chose to pursue his
vision of a new kind of health care—one where a close, personal
relationship with patients allows him to discover the best method
of treatment for each individual patient.

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The CWC Electric Story

Chuck and Natalie Hogan took a leap of faith when they purchased CWC Electric in December of 2012.  In part because entrepreneurship in and of itself can be a challenge, but primarily because Chuck had cancer, creating an even more uncertain future.

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The SD Engineering LLC Story

Steve and Janney Duncan started SD Engineering, LLC in 2006 in Dodge City. At the time, Steve was an engineer with International Technology Group (ITG) and Janney was CFO of a local credit union. This husband and wife team decided to capitalize on their combined skills and international connections to fill a niche in the engineering/manufacturing environment.

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The Body Paradise Story

Scott and Bridgett Umscheid, owners of Body Paradise, a full-service salon in Topeka, acted on a dream 10 years ago and are building a future together as entrepreneurs.

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Manager of Member Business Services