Youth Accounts

Teach your youngsters to save their money with one of Envista’s youth accounts. A parent/guardian is required as a joint owner on all youth accounts.

Kirby Kangaroo Stork Account

The Kirby Kangaroo Stork Account is for babies from birth to 12 months. Open an account for your new arrival with at least $25 and receive a $5 gift deposit from Envista to help grow your little one’s wealth. Receive a free piggy bank as a lifelong keepsake.

Kirby Kangaroo

Kirby Kangaroo invites kids ages 11 and younger to jump on over to Envista and open an account today! It only takes $5 to join and you receive a FREE piggy bank! Plus, deposit at least $25 every three months and receive fun prizes!

With Kirby Kangaroo Club, you can earn even more money by opening a certificate of your choice with only $100!

For silly jokes and game s, click on the Kirby Kangaroo Club picture to go to the website.

CU Succeed

Attention teens... Envista has the account for you! Our CU Succeed Account is special for teens 12-17 years old. It’s easy to start saving money with this account and it only takes $5 to open. With CU Succeed, you can take advantage of more earnings by opening a certificate of your choice with only $100! Save money each year for cool savings rewards!

Check out the teen website by clicking on the CU Succeed logo. Learn to budget your money, manage a checkbook, buy your first car, build credit and more!