VISA Debit/ATM card

VISA Debit/ATM card

With a Visa Debit Card, skip the hassles of writing a check. Simply use your debit card like a credit card. The money will automatically be taken from your checking account. The Visa Debit Card is also your convenient ATM card for 24 hour access to cash! See card designs here.

With built-in EMV chip technology, Envista debit cards are not only more secure – they’re also easy to use.

Receive enhanced security. When you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce in-store fraud.

Enjoy global acceptance. More merchants are accepting chip transactions every day. If a merchant cannot accept chip transactions, simply swipe your card to pay.

If a chip activated terminal is available, follow these easy steps:
1. Insert the chip end of your card in to the terminal with the chip facing up.
2. Keep your card in the terminal throughout the transaction and follow the prompts on the screen.
3. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt.

Envista has Nearly 30,000 ATMs

Now, you can get cash surcharge-free at more ATMs than ever. Our members can visit any of nearly 30,000 ATMs that display the CO-OP logo. So whether you’re across town, or far from home for work or pleasure, you’re never far from your money.

  • Use surcharge-free ATMs at places like 7-Eleven®, Costco® and Walgreens
  • Make deposits at nearly 9,000 ATMs
  • Never pay a surcharge at participating locations when your ATM card has the CO OP logo on the back
  • Locate an ATM wherever you are—through any of our easy locator tools:
    • visit
    • download the "ATM Locator" and/or "Credit Union Shared Branch" apps
    • call 888-748-3266
    • text a street address or zip code or "City State" to 692667 (my coop) to find the closest CO-OP ATM locations

Fraud Protection

Envista provides you peace of mind with FraudWatch PLUS, an automated fraud detection service that monitors your debit card purchases. There are also steps you can take to protect yourself. To report fraudulent activity on your Envista Visa Check Card during weekend or evening hours, please call FraudWatch PLUS customer service at 1-866-842-5208 or outside the USA call collect at 1-701-461-2551.

You can keep tabs on your debit card anytime, anywhere. Why is this important? Visa Purchase Alerts can keep your account secure by empowering you to catch fraud and monitor your spending. And the service is free for Envista cardholders.