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You know that stage in life when your family outgrows your home and you need to upgrade?
It's like that. We need room to grow. This core conversion will serve Envista and our members well into the future.

A Letter from the CEO

Envista Credit Union has experienced rapid growth over the last three years. Through this growth, we’ve realized that to best serve your current and future needs and expectations, it is essential to upgrade our technology.

Envista’s core processor is the software that allows us to maintain account and loan information, process transactions, and support services such as debit cards, online banking and new technologies our members want. As a result of the upgrade, our team will be able to serve you more efficiently and provide enhanced products, services and delivery systems in the future.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience during this transition. Your commitment and feedback to Envista are what drives us to be better and do better each and every day.

Thank you for choosing Envista. We look forward to continuing to help you achieve your financial goals.


Thank you,
Ron Smeltzer
President & CEO

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The Details

We are here to help you achieve your financial goals by providing you with the best products and services. As a result of this
upgrade, some Envista products and services will experience changes. Here’s what you can expect: 
Account Numbers
Account numbers will look a little different on materials and in Online Banking. Don’t worry about memorizing anything, we’ll
be happy to look you up by name when you call or visit.
Dividend Posting
Due to the conversion process, dividends will post the last day of the month rather than the first day of the new month.
The statement format and some descriptions will change slightly, but the content will remain essentially the same. Paper statements will arrive as normal, however, there will be a two week delay before eStatements are available for viewing. Keep in mind, account history will be available with a simple click within Online Banking. In addition, monthly checking account statements will now include history for all accounts. Here is a breakdown of some description changes you may notice:
  • The make and model of vehicles will no longer be displayed in auto loan descriptions.
  • Additional Shares will be called Shares.
  • HSAs will be spelled out as Health Savings Accounts.
  • Credit Card account numbers will look different and may be listed as an installment loan.
Kasasa Checking with Kasasa Saver
If you have a Kasasa Cash or a Kasasa Cash Back Checking account and your monthly rewards are swept from the checking account to your Kasasa Saver account, the sweep will not occur automatically for October rewards because of system downtime. If desired, you will need to transfer your rewards money manually from checking to savings. Rewards sweeping will resume for November rewards.
Fresh Start Repayment
Fresh Start Repayment accounts can now be paid through online and telephone banking.
TouchTone Teller
To access telephone banking for the first time after the conversion is complete on Tuesday, November 3, you will need to use the last 4 digits of your social security number as the PIN number. You may change your PIN in TouchTone Teller after your inital access.
If you use Popmoney, you will need to re-enroll in Popmoney through Online Banking on or after Tuesday, November 3.
Online Banking
Online Banking will provide you the ability to see history of past transactions on accounts as follows:
Savings - 12 months
Checking - 6 months
Certificates - 24 months 
IRAs - 24 months
Loans - 24 months
To access or view history beyond these time periods, we can help. Just ask!

What’s Not Changing

While there are changes happening as a result of the upgrade, we’ve worked hard to minimize the impact on you. There are a lot of things that will stay the same. 
  • Your debit card and its PIN number will remain the same.
  • Your credit card will remain the same.
  • Your checks will function as normal and will not need to be reordered.
  • Your automatic transfers (transfers from one Envista account to another Envista account) will not be impacted.
  • Your previously scheduled bill payments set up through Online Banking Bill Pay will not be impacted.
  • Your external recurring payments and direct deposits should not be affected.

The Benefits

There are a few immediate benefits you’ll enjoy:
Account Viewing
All accounts associated with your Tax ID will appear in your Online Banking.
Note: If you currently share a login with a joint owner you may want to reset your password and help your joint owners create their own logins, so you each only see the accounts associated with your Tax ID.
Member-to-Member Transfers
Moving money just got easier. Now you can transfer money to other Envista accounts within Online Banking. This is an easy solution to sending money to other Envista members. 
Email Receipts
Your transaction receipt can now be emailed to you. This is a great solution if you send someone else to make a payment or if you do a transfer by phone. Make sure we have your updated email address on file (you can update in Online Banking!)

QuickBooks & Quicken Users

ATTENTION QuickBooks and Quicken users: The conversion upgrade will require that you make changes to your QuickBooks or Quicken software. Please take action to ensure a smooth transition. The conversion instructions reference two Action Dates, detailed below:

1st Action Date: October 30, 2020 6:00 PM CST
A data file backup and a final transaction download should be completed before this date. (Transaction history might not be available after the upgrade.)

2nd Action Date: November 3, 2020
Complete the conversion instructions to deactivate/reactivate your Online Banking connection to ensure that you get your current QuickBooks or Quicken accounts set up with the new connection.

Conversion Instructions
QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Online

Intuit aggregation services may be interrupted for up to 3-5 business days. Users are encouraged to download a QFX/QBO file during this outage. The following services may not work during the outage:

  • Quicken WIn/Mac Express Web Connect
  • QuickBooks Online Express Web Connect

Please carefully review your downloaded transactions after completing the migration instructions to ensure no transactions were duplicated or missed on the register.

If you have questions please contact us.


Still have questions?
Check out these FAQs or start a chat with our team. We are here to help.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you wish to be included in conversion related email communication, please send your current email address to [email protected].

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