Our Mission

Envista's mission is to help members achieve their financial goals by providing quality products and service.

Our Story

Envista Federal Credit Union has been providing quality financial services to the residents of Kansas since 1957. Unlike most financial institutions, Envista Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. With approximately $540 million in total assets, Envista is one of the largest credit unions in Topeka, and in Kansas. We're more than 45,000 members strong, none more important than you.

At Envista, banking is a personalized experience. We provide the security, competitive rates and options you expect, delivered with exceptional service from a team who makes your needs and dreams their top priority.

Our Service Promise

  • We will honor the individual.
  • We will make it easy.
  • We will value service above all.
  • We will find a way to help.

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Our Focus

Our mission is only part of the equation. We have strategies to achieve the vision of our mission statement and a time-tested business model that can succeed in any economic cycle. It’s all about execution. A good strategy well executed will drive the continued success of our company.

Member Relations

We want our members to have all of their financial relationships with us and we want them to last a lifetime. In order for members to feel Envista is their Primary Financial Institution, we must provide superior products and services. This is accomplished by offering value in our financial services and being a trusted neighbor in our communities. We truly care about all of our members’ financial needs regardless of their stage in life and want to exceed their expectations.


Technology is an important part of our strategy. We will use technology to personalize service, not to make it less personal; allowing our members to determine and control when, where and how they utilize our products and services. We will strive to provide members with the most up-to-date electronic services. In order to achieve this objective, we will constantly explore collaborative opportunities to provide efficient and low-cost technology solutions. 


Our brand is very important to us. It’s what our members and team members say about us. Our brand has a personality — traits that describe how members and team members think and feel about us. We want our members to love doing business with their credit union and we will accomplish this by focusing on building personal relationships with our members — one member at a time. All credit unions are not created equal; Envista is a highly professional, forward-thinking company that offers a comprehensive range of quality financial products and services that meet or exceed those offered by any other financial institution. 

 What do we want our members and professional team to say about us? 

  • Trustworthy – We want our members to trust that we have their best interest in mind.
  • Reliable – We want to be seen as consistent and dependable. Members can count on us.
  • Neighbors – We want our members to feel we are part of their community. They will see us at ball games, parades, schools, next door, everywhere in the community supporting them.
  • Eager – We want to show an active interest in our colleagues’ and members’ needs. We want to respect their time.
  • Professional – We want our members and professional team to feel we can provide the same expertise, products and services that other financial service providers do but with a focus on all of them — not a limited number of stockholders.

Member Education

It is the responsibility of our professional team and volunteers to educate the membership on the advantages afforded them through their membership in this financial cooperative. We will take every opportunity to promote the products and services that will assist the member in achieving their financial objectives. The more business our members do with us, the greater value they receive, and the more loyal they become as a member/owner of their credit union.