Redefining Community Impact

Envista cares about finding meaningful ways to support our local nonprofits. Your home is our home. Team Envista finds a way to help, to say yes, and to serve our communities. Through our giving, Envista strives to lead, inspire and impact, because we know that it takes a village to raise a community.

More than an occasional donation to a cause, Envista embodies the impact a community of individuals can have when united for a cause. Here's a look at what our team has united around lately.

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The EnvistaCares Challenge

The EnvistaCares Challenge is a program to help area non-profits tell their story. Each month, we are spreading awareness for a local organization and highlighting how they make a difference in our community. With your help, Envista will donate up to $2,500 to each of these non-profits.

Community Foundation Thanksgiving Dinner

Envista is pleased to highlight Community Thanksgiving Dinner Foundation through the EnvistaCares Challenge during the month of November.

Donate to Community Thanksgiving Dinner

NOTE: Envista does not accept donations on behalf of our EnvistaCares organizations, we simply direct you to their donations platform. If you'd prefer not to donate online, you may write a check and mail it to the organization’s address.

KU Wins Envista Gives

With each KU victory, Envista will give $125 to the Lawrence Schools Foundation to help students and teachers in our community. Envista cares about Lawrence and is proud to partner with Kansas Athletics. Our goal is to give more than $25,000 in 2023.

Let's all cheer on the Hawks, because when #KUWinsEnvistaGives and the lives of our students and teachers are impacted in a big way.

EnvistaCares Donation Requests

We find a way to help.

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If you believe Envista fits as a community impact partner, we encourage you to complete a request below for a donation or sponsorship, and we will be in touch in a timely manner. Please review our Donation Guidelines before submitting your request.

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Topeka Credit Union Foundation (TCUF)

Envista is one of the founders of the Topeka Credit Union Foundation. TCUF was formed in 2004 by a group of local credit unions working together to raise funds and donate to community organizations. Visit to discover how TCUF is making a difference.