Get Your Money Sooner with Early Pay

We've found a way to make pay day come early. Early Pay is an exciting new benefit exclusively for Envista members with direct deposit! With Early Pay, you have the potential to receive your direct deposit(s) up to two business days early.* There's nothing for you to do to enroll in this FREE benefit.

No cost. No catch.

Time is money. Get early access to yours.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Early Pay?

This is a free benefit for Envista members with direct deposit. Early Pay allows members to potentially receive their direct deposit up to two business days early.* This benefit includes payroll direct deposits, government benefits, retirement pensions, tax returns and other electronic deposits.

What do I need to do to qualify?

Nothing! If your direct deposit is already deposited to your Envista account you will likely see it 1–2 days earlier than usual. You’re probably used to seeing it pending a day or two before it actually deposits to your account.

If you’re needing to set up your direct deposit, you will need to provide your employer your full Envista account number and routing number. Envista’s routing number is 301179902. Should you need help identifying your full account number, please give us a call at 785-228-0149.

Will my deposit always come early?

The timing of your deposit is based on when your payroll/deposit provider submits information to us. This can vary, but could be up to two days prior to the scheduled payment date.*

Can I get notified when my paycheck gets deposited to my account?

Yes! First, make sure you have downloaded the Envista mobile app. From there, go to Settings and set up Push Notifications. Or, you can log into Online Banking from your computer. Next, go to My Settings, Alerts & Notifications, and set-up your alerts there.

What about the loan payments and transfers I have previously set-up?

If you have a payroll split, any payments or transfers set-up when your payroll hits will work the same, just potentially 1-2 days early.*

For any automatic payments or transfers set up to trigger on a prespecified date, those will work like they always have on the original transfer date.



Make the most of Early Pay with these other benefits:

*Envista Federal Credit Union early availability of direct deposits is not guaranteed and may vary from deposit to deposit.