Low rates, no annual fee, and plenty of bonuses. EnvistaBlack is the savvy choice.

*Source: wallethub.com The average credit card interest rate is 22.68% for new offers.
**APR = annual percentage rate. Subject to credit approval. Rates are subject to change. Some restrictions may apply.


Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • No Annual Fee
  • Rewards Available

EnvistaBlack Everything

With EnvistaBlack you get:

  • Low Rates
  • No Annual Fee, Balance Transfer Fee, Cash Advance Fee or Transaction Fee
  • No Minimum Interest Charge
  • Card App allows you to control your card from your phone
  • Connect your credit card to your favorite mobile wallet
  • Nationwide ATM Access
  • Free Concierge Service at 1-877-860-1099
  • Fraud Monitoring and Zero Liability Protection
  • CardCentives (Identity theft reimbursement insurance, Identity theft victim assistance, Travel reservation service — full service travel assistance, Payment card registration service — one-stop notification if a card is lost/stolen, 90-day product protection — peace of mind against product loss, theft or damage)
  • Free One Million Dollar Travel Accident Insurance

Activate your credit card by calling 1-800-456-6870.

Everything Your Way

Use your EnvistaBlack Credit Card for every purchase to earn maximum rewards and cash back! Earn bonus points for every net dollar you spend — there is no limit! The more you use your card, the more you reward yourself. Choose your rewards at ScoreCardRewards or 1-800-854-0790 — create an account and receive 500 bonus points just for logging in for the first time. 

  • Redeem your bonus points for cash back. Requests will be paid in the form of a payment to your card balance.
  • Choose from thousands of name brand merchandise Top brands like Apple®, Dyson®, and Sony® are available to you!
  • When it comes to travel, ScoreCard has something for every preference. Book airline tickets, cruises, hotel stays, car rentals and vacation packages with the click of a button!

Earn 3X Points

EnvistaBlack rewards you for everything. Earn points on every purchase. 2x points on gas and groceries year-round. 3x points on select purchases (categories rotate quarterly).

3x Points in Utilities

Utilities & Bill Payments
January - March

3x Points in Home

Home Improvement
April - June

3x Points in Travel

Travel & Restaurants
July - September

3x Points at Amazon

Amazon Purchases
October - December

How it works and why it’s useful.

A mobile wallet is a way to carry a digital version of your Envista debit and credit cards on your mobile device, giving you more ways to manage your money. Skip the rummaging through your wallet (or purse) to find your physical card, with mobile wallet you can check out with your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Our credit cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


What makes mobile wallet useful?

It’s convenient. Your phone is usually near at all times, so paying for goods and services online or in-store is now faster and easier than ever. You can pay with your smartphone and keep your cards in your wallet. Plus, your mobile wallet allows you to store other gift cards, tickets, passes and hotel key cards all in one place.

It’s safe. Paying with a mobile wallet is also safer than using your real one. With digital payment technologies to help keep your financial information private, a mobile wallet with contactless payments provides extra security that plastic cards can’t match. Your phone’s fingerprint ID login adds another level of protection.

First, you’ll need to download the mobile wallet app (or it may be already built into your device). Then follow the prompts to add your Envista credit card information either by taking photos of your card or entering the information manually.

Mobile wallets can be used wherever you see the contactless symbol. When you check out at participating merchants, all you have to do is open the mobile wallet, select the card you’d prefer and hold the device a few inches above the reader.

Whatever you want. Whenever you need. Envista Online is at your fingertips. Make life simpler and add your Envista Visa credit card to your mobile wallet today. 

If you’re not already a cardholder, apply for your Envista credit card today.