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Network Computing Solutions

Derrick Weigel has been involved in IT his entire adult life. A fascination with computers that began when he was in college has defined his career and spurred his pursuit of continual learning.   

Working in IT before the age of networked computers, Derrick spent a lot of his early career working on individual computers and PC-based phone systems. He found himself moonlighting like crazy, building systems for people and companies as the Internet became more mainstream.

In 2000, he took the first step toward entrepreneurship, leaving the security of a full-time job to work as a freelance IT consultant. He says this was a good time for someone who understood computer technology because of the rapid changes that occurred during the Y2K period.

His knowledge of various operating systems and hardware components kept his services in high demand. Once the consulting business tapered off a little, he used his connections in the industry to open Network Computing Solutions in 2001. Since that time, the company’s mission has been to help local clients find the best networking solutions to fit their diverse needs.

As technology has changed over the years, so have the IT needs of business clients. Just in the past few years, changes such as cloud computing have shifted the IT landscape. Where the trend used to be for companies to abandon the use of mainframes for individual networked computers, that trend is now almost in reverse. Businesses have so much more data today that they no longer want to manage all of that separate equipment and IT requirements internally.

“Businesses recognize the efficiency of having data experts host and manage their IT services for them,” Derrick said. “Our clients don’t have to worry about data storage, back-up and system maintenance. They can access all of their software on their computers and leave the management and protection of the data to NCS.”

As a result of ever changing technology, NCS has had to retool its business model multiple times. It traded the one-size fits all approach of the past for tailored products and services that fit the specific needs of individual companies.

Today, NCS offers comprehensive telephone and Internet solutions, PC and network managed services, project consulting, back-up and recovery solutions and many more IT services tailored to the individual needs of NCS clients. The future for NCS looks bright as the company continues to grow and expand. With 23 employees and locations in Topeka, Leavenworth and Kansas City, the company sees a future of continued growth for the business. In fact, NCS recently opened a 2,000 square foot data center.

Expansion can be costly, especially when equipment and building purchases require significant liquidity. When NCS needed financing to build the data center, they turned to Envista for financial assistance. When they purchased a company in Kansas City, which added more than 600 new clients and compelled them to open offices there, once again Envista worked with NCS to pave the way.

“Envista has been extremely responsive and supportive of our needs,” Derrick said. “They are always available when we need them and they really want to help us grow our business. Working with Envista just makes doing business easier.”

As new technology, such as artificial intelligence and “smart” offices seem poised to take over the IT landscape, NCS will be ready for whatever the future brings.