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Thiessen Design + Construction: Designing Homes, Building Dreams


By: Envista

Thiessen Design + Construction: Designing Homes, Building Dreams

Thiessen Design + Construction is transforming the way people experience home renovations and new builds. The journey of this innovative company is as inspiring as the homes they create, driven by the passion and vision of its founder, Tammy Thiessen. With a unique blend of design and build, Thiessen Design + Construction stands out in the industry, guiding their homeowners to craft their dream home, from concept to completion.

From Renovation Inspiration to Business Realization

Tammy Thiessen’s journey began on a small city lot, where she and her growing family realized the need for more space. After purchasing a home that hadn't been updated in 35 years, Tammy found herself craving expert guidance throughout the renovation process.

“I was looking for that expert,” she recalls. “I came out of that process having done all this research myself and realized, I really just want to do this for other people.”

In 2018, with a clear vision and a burning desire to fill a market gap, Tammy started Thiessen Design. She envisioned a company where design wasn't just about aesthetics, but drove the entire process—cost, function, and the final result.

Starting at her dining room table, Tammy’s first hire was a designer who worked out of her home with her. The business quickly grew, propelled by Tammy’s dedication to providing the guidance and expertise she once sought for herself.

With degrees in marketing and graphic design, Tammy was no stranger to the design world. And you could say creating spaces is in her blood: Tammy’s grandpa was an innovative builder, her sister is an architect, and her brother is a contractor as well as her business partner.

A Strong Foundation

Thiessen Design + Construction’s reputation for excellence and innovative design quickly spread. Their focus on finding and filling a service gap paid off.

“If you can meet a need people are really desiring, there can be a lot of growth potential in it,” she notes. This laser focus on client needs led to the company’s rapid expansion, especially during the pandemic of 2020, when home renovations were booming.

Just a few years later,  in early 2024, the company moved into a new office space designed to feel more like a home than a commercial building. This new location features a larger conference room for meeting with homeowners and designers, embodying the approachable and comfortable feel that Tammy wanted. The office showcases elements found in homes, such as cabinetry that emulate built-ins around a TV and houses their samples, and a full kitchen space clients can walk through, making it a welcoming space.

Design-Driven ApproachThiessen

At Thiessen Design + Construction, design is not just about making spaces look good; it drives every aspect of the project, weaving beauty into every detail.

“People think of design as just the pretty things, but design drives cost, function, and the end result,” Tammy explains. This philosophy ensures that each project is meticulously planned and executed, leading with design and supported by a sophisticated build process.

Adding new construction to their services three years ago was a natural progression for the company. After completing several remodeling projects together, a homeowner asked Tammy’s team to build their new construction home for them. This experience highlighted the straightforward nature of new construction compared to remodeling, and the company’s ability to deliver exceptional architectural plans that marry historical charm with modern functionality. Tammy says communication and transparency are key components of making the process an enjoyable one for clients – eliminating surprises when it comes to timelines, cost, and the final appearance.

Construction +  Community Impact

One of the most significant projects for Thiessen Design + Construction has been the new home for Washburn University's president. Winning the bid was a career-defining moment. The all stone house was designed to look like a beautifully maintained home that has been there for 100 years, emphasizing the character and history of the surrounding neighborhood.

Thiessen Design + Construction is also known for their commitment to sophisticated processes. Utilizing a transparent portal for estimates, schedules, and bills ensures no surprises for clients. Their 3D components allow homeowners to see exactly what everything will look like, fostering clear communication and client satisfaction.

This journey hasn't been without its challenges, Tammy says. The company’s rapid growth during the pandemic required additional commitment to refine processes and hire the right people. The focus on design means paying attention to every single detail and working through multiple pieces of the process from start to finish necessitates tremendous internal communication.

Yet, the triumphs are many. Tammy is proud of bringing beautiful design to Topeka, helping people feel proud and comfortable in their homes. This not only improves individual lives but also contributes to the community’s overall appeal, aiding in recruiting and retaining talent.

Building A Beautiful Partnership

When business began to boom, Tammy quickly realized she couldn’t run it from just a second checking account any longer. She needed to find a bank that could handle her growing business needs, while providing guidance along the way.

Tammy first learned about Envista Federal Credit Union through a women’s entrepreneur group they sponsored and has since developed a strong working relationship with the Envista commercial team.

“They’ve been a great collaboration for what we have and what we need, and have helped as we work toward our goals and dreams,” Tammy says. “They’ve been great partners.”

Envista has supported the company’s growth by providing essential banking services, including the ability to handle large mobile deposits and access to funds for various projects. Their commitment to communication and lending their professional advice to Thiessen’s clients has been invaluable, ensuring the financial aspects of the business run smoothly.

A Brilliant Addition

Thiessen Design + Construction only continues to innovate and expand. Their acquisition of local furniture store, Home At Last, addresses a common pain point for homeowners needing new furniture and décor post-renovation. Clients can tour the store and even custom order pieces for their new space. This allows Thiessen to offer clients a seamless experience from design to final styling, ensuring homes are ready to be lived in as soon as crews are finished with the project.

As they prepare to host an open house in August to showcase their new office, Tammy’s vision remains clear: to create spaces people love to live in and to continue making a positive impact on the community.