Federal Holiday Closing | Beware of Fraud

Federal Holiday Closing

All Envista locations will be closed on 11/23 in observance of the Federal Holiday. We encourage you to take full advantage of our Virtual Branch during this time.

If you are in need of assistance, don't forget you have 24 hour account access via Online Banking, Mobile App with Mobile Deposit, and TouchTone Teller Automated Banking (785) 228-2081/(844) 835-8531.

Fraud Alert

Our community is currently experiencing a significant increase in fraud attempts. Please use caution and do not give out your personal information – account numbers, card numbers, PINs, or passwords. Envista will never ask for your username and password or card number. If you are being asked to give out your personal information or send money, STOP! When in doubt, call us directly.

Our Top 3 Tips for you:

1. Do not share your Online Banking username or password.
This is critical to keeping your accounts secure.

2. Use alerts and notifications.
Set alerts in Online Banking or the Envista Card App to monitor your account. 

3. Be careful with your card information.
Use your cards wisely and do not give out your security info unless you trust the merchant.

While we do have text alerts, we will not call you asking for account information or login information. Envista will only ask you to reply YES or NO to confirm the charge.

If you are in need of assistance, please remember we are here to help.



 Protect your account with the Envista Card App, a powerful tool at your disposal. The app empowers you to quickly detect any unauthorized transactions in real time and grants you the ability to turn your card on/off.